Sunday, March 04, 2007

Holi Rocks!!!

Happy Holi!! Today was Holi! Holi is a lot of fun! It is definitely different to celebrate it in the Capitol as opposed to M-town. In M-town we had all-out battles on the street and it was so fun! In our area of the Capitol, people stand on their roof or balcony and throw water balloons and things at the passers-by.... some people walk the streets and some people celebrate at their house with their friends and families... we did all of those :)
We threw a lot of water balloons from our balcony at people... some just had water in them and some had dark purple dye... we also had some water guns (called pichari)...
While we were waiting for people to pass by, Adam was juggling some water balloons... I got this picture (below) just as one of the water balloons popped on him! Hahaha the look on his face cracked me up!
We had a fun Holi and got to hang out with some fun friends! Oh, and I ate TONS of gujhia!

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Lindsey said...

Look like y'all had alot of fun too! You look pretty fierce with those water balloons! :)