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Christmas in March :)

So... Adam & I didn't really get anything for each other for Christmas... It was kinda crazy... you know... Getting checked into the hospital in October... having Aashini November 7... then staying in the hospital for a while.... going home... learning how to be parents (starting to learn anyway :))... going BACK into the hospital for over a week AND for Christmas....

Needless to say, we didn't really spend the time to buy each other anything.... sooo... we went to the mall the other day to get an inflatable bathtub for Aashini for traveling. We now have a mall on our side of town!! It's great! (before, we would have to drive at least an hour to get to a mall) :) So, Adam found something he wanted, and I found something I wanted... so we decided we should get them and call them Christmas presents - haha! (any excuse to buy toys - haha!).
This is what Adam got:

A wiffle ball set! whoo hoo!!! I got a bracelet:

So when we were buying Aashini's tub we decided that she needed a toy too :) So we got her these fun balls. Here she is in her bathtub with her balls :)
She started trying to put them in her mouth and really had fun with them! haha! We'll definitely have fun with those more in the future! :)
I"ll post more ball pictures on the baby blog :)


The Agarwals said…
That bracelet is awesome! You look great! Did you straighten your hair? I love that you guys got "Toys!" Sounds familiar!! :-) What a fun post!
SouthAsiaRocks said…
haha! Nope, my hair isn't straightened... but some days after riding in a rickshaw my hair can look pretty funky! :) haha!
what cute pictures of all of you! LOVE the one with Aashini covered in the balls. she looks scared! :)
Barb said…
You are absolutely beautiful in your bracelet picture! You could be a model! :) Poor A in the pictures of her sinking in the balls...she does not look happy at all :)
Jill said…
awesome - aashini has her own baby ball pit!! no need for chuck e. cheese! :)
E-Rob said…
I love the bracelet! That is a cute picture of you. Merry Christmas!
Misty said…
Good for you. I love the bracelet. it's beautiful. I love the one of Aashini in the balls. Cute!
Deanna said…
Merry Christmas!

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