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Still Here :)

Here's a few more pics from the last couple of days. We've been doing a lot of stuff (like getting Aashini's visa - we'll know more about it next Sunday), so the pics are a little boring :) Here's a pic on the street :) Here's a pic of Keith holding Aashini. Her hair looks pretty blonde in this pic.
They have Guitar Hero! We've been waiting 2 years to play this game! This was the first time we've ever gotten to play it ;)
Adam's a pro at it... and I'm working on it :)
Not only do they have Dr. Pepper here, but they have Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper - crazy!!
Here's a pic of Carie and I.
And last... a cute pic of Aashini sleeping :)


Jeremy's fam said…
Fun stuff! Does the chili's serve the same foods? Oh, and I just heard now they are going to have a diet cherry chocolate dr pepper. And anything with a name that long must be good!
Jeremy's fam said…
E-Rob said…
Berries and cream?!
Aashini looks precious. Good luck with the visa!
Deanna said…
That photo of Aashini is amazing! Chilis, Guitar Hero and Dr. Pepper! You guys must be having a great time! Viel Spass (have fun)!
alicia said…
Great pics, thanks for sharing :)

You may not be all that great at Guitar Hero - but, man... you look the part in thatpic! You are totally rocking it!!!

WHAT A GREAT VACATION!!! I have to say my vacations seem pretty dull compared to yours. Mine usually stay in California (because we have everything) or Florida. Sheesh! Guitar Hero Rocks!!! I stink. But the kids in our youth group are AMAZING!!!! Love ya!
The Agarwals said…
I am so glad you finally got to play! I knew you guys would love it the first time we played! Now you need to try out Rock Band! Don't worry about needing some practice, your skills at DDR totally make up for it!
The Agarwals said…
Oh I meant to ask if you've seen the "berries and cream" commercial on YouTube? You should check it out and then imagine my hubby quoting it! That should make you laugh!!

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