Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last Day :)

So here's a couple of pics from our last day. K&C had some meetings so we got to take the car and go out exploring :) First we went to the Grand M0sque (pictured in a post below). It was really fancy inside. The chandelier was from Austria, Wooden doors from India, Carpet from Scotland, stained glass from Italy. It was crazy!
Then we went to Toys 'R' Us... we had so much fun running around the store :)
I thought the Barbie's were cool. They all had head coverings. In the pic below, the Barbie on the left comes in a fashionable outfit and has a head covering. She also comes with an Abaya (the black outfit that many people wear). The Barbies on the middle and right are wearing their moring and evening pr outfits. It's so interesting to see Barbies in other countries.
The area of the Middle East we were in was really neat... It was actually really surprising... I had a lot of assumptions about the area but it was definitely different than I thought it would be. First off, I didn't realize how nice that area of the world is. It's super nice! I didn't realized how much money people had - the people are much richer than Americans. There was also a lot of western stuff there! The grocery stores look a lot like the ones in America (just a little smaller). They have tons of western restrauants! BUT... Although they love western things, they still love their roots too. The majority of men still wear their national dress (the white thobe that is sometimes accompanied by the head scarf), still camp and spend time the the desert and many other things. It's a really uniqe and cool place :) We had a great trip!