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This Post is Dedicated to the Color BROWN :)

Today we ventured out into the desert to check out some cool stuff :) Today there was a dust storm all day! It was super dusty. At times you couldn't see the sky or even any of the tall buildings, even if you were almost right next to it! It was super windy too!! As we were driving around, we saw a bunch of camels - hundreds of them!!! The guy in the picture below was the shepherd for the camels. He's actually from South Asia in the Capital :) He told us that they were the King's camels - cool!!!!There were some guys that came to the camels to take some band pics for a CD or website or something - it was funny :)
Here's a funny camel pic :)
And another funny one...
These camels were chillin' :) It made me laugh!
Next, we went to "The Tree of Life"
شجرة الحياة
It's this crazy cool tree (as seen in the picture below). It's WAY out in the desert. It's considered a Natural wonder because the source of water for this tree is a mystery. The place where the tree stands is in a place that's completely free of water whatsoever. They have no idea how the tree lives or where it gets it's water. Cool hunh? Some people here believe that it's the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden.
Here's a close-up of the wood on the tree - it's really cool looking.
Here's a pic of us avoiding some of the dust storm in the car :)
OK, so this is so AWESOME! So in the winter time in the countries that are in this area of the world, the people that live here like to do a lot of "camping". Now, don't let the "rusticness" of the pic below fool you... they put up these tents in the desert and they will keep them up all winter. They will bring TONS of stuff to put out there.... Their nice Persian rugs, Couches, Chairs, Stove, Air Conditioners, Satellite, TVs - you name it!
You will probably notice the brown looking pipes in the pic above and below - those are for gas. They run ALL over the desert (Oh, and gas here is only about 65 cents a gallon) :) So, the picture below made me laugh :) Some people packed up their tent for the summer and just decided to leave some of their furniture :) So, there's some furniture just sitting in the middle of the desert! haha!
After that, we went to the beach :) I'll post some about that on the baby blog :)


Erin G said…
your pictures are stunning.

and I LOVE brown. I know that's weird, but when I started rejecting baby blue a few months ago, I realized how warm and cozy and earthy browns are. Reminds me of lots of good stuff... camping, chocolate, animal fur, and mocha!

the middle east looks amazing.
E-Rob said…
I loved this post! I was dying to know what the pics on your facebook were all about, and now I know. :) When we were in Dubai, we kept saying, "Wow this is what everyone's gas money is paying for!" 65 cents a gallon?! haha!
your trip looks awesome! i would LOVE to visit that city! aashini looks so cute sleeping!
Since I just paid almost $4.00 a gallon for gas I have to say I am a little jealous! That tree of life is awesome. I think that Dad sometimes put things like this in our world so we can think about things that are bigger than us. What a very cool thing. I had to notice while you guys where in the car that you had seatbelts on. What about our precious baby???
SouthAsiaRocks said…
we wern't driving when we took that picture in the car.
I KNEW you weren't. It was just funny to see that!
The Agarwals said…
These pictures are awesome! I love the one of the tree in the middle of, dare we say, nowhere?! How amazing. I agree with Heather. Sometimes things like that just help us to get a better perspective on who is in charge of it all!

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