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The Middle East :)

We made it here to the Middle East!!! It's really fun to be here and to visit our friends! It's really cool over here! This is the view from our friends roof!!
The architecture here is pretty crazy!
So last night, our friend's daughter had a slumber party for her birthday!! Today we decided to go out to eat....
AT CHILI'S!!!!!!!!! YUM! Bottomless chips and dip, spinach dip.... yum!!
We also went to the grocery store... and they have Dr. Peppers!! Whoo hoo!!
We're having lots of fun!! I'll post more throughout the week :) Whoo hoo!!


della said…
Hey, glad to see you all made it safely. How was flying with jellybean? Looks like fun.
E-Rob said…
Cool! Impressive you already posted some. :) So is it a conservative country that you have to wear a burka out? The view from their roof is A-MAZING.
VERY COOL!!! There are several spots in the middle east that are near the top of our list of 'must see' places!! Can't wait to see more pics!!!
Deanna said…
Thanks for sharing the trip! That building is wild! And chips and dip? Oh, I'm trying not to covet...
Sara Beth said…
We are definately jealous of those DP's and Chili's!! While Miguel's, Mike's Burgers and Jerusalem Falafel are awesome, some Chili's would be amazing right now!
How fun! I have seen pictures of the buildings there. Beautiful. Smooch that baby for me.
The Agarwals said…
Dr Pepper and Popcorn? You guys are living it up!! Pics are awesome as always!!

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