Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi Holi Holi

Today was Holi... It's always quite an interesting day :) Click here to see previous Holi Blogposts :) Today was Aashini's first Holi and I'm not sure what she thought about it :) Aashini slept through the first half of it. Adam went out and played with the neighbors while I stayed in with Aashini. Some of our neighbors offered Adam the traditional Holi Bhang drink...It is a very "interesting" drink. If you want to learn more about it, click here: Bhang Recipe - BUT this is just for your cultural reading enjoyment. I DON'T recommend making it :) The main ingredient is Marijuana. Marijuana is technically illegal here BUT, it's allowed on certain religi0us holidays and for religi0us ceremonies. They also have government authorized Bhang shops that sell it... Although Holi in our part of the Capital isn't as fun as M-town Holi is, this year was much more exciting. More of our neighbors were out playing and it was fun :) The pic below is of our upstairs neighbor.
Here's our across the street neighbor with another neighbor. They are doing the traditional Holi greeting. You put colors on their cheek/forehead and say 'Happy Holi'.
Here's a pic of Adam - he looks quite funny :)

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Erin G said...

if you find a recipe for gujhia - post it! It looks awesome!

I saw Kelley last week and she said the two of us would be a little crazy if we got together. So, here's a crazy shout-out from NC! Happy Easter! :)

E-Rob said...

Whoa I never knew that about bhangra! So did y'all drink it?? ;) I can't imagine that it's recommended for nursing mothers. :)

SouthAsiaRocks said...

haha! no, we didn't drink it :)

Leslie said...

It's true that Adam looks great, but the girls look awesome! What a great mother and daughter pic.

Misty Burns said...

girl!! i was just about to ask if you drank it or not!! because if Adam did, that last picture of him would have a whole new meaning!!! hahahaha. just kidding. you guys looked like you had a lot of fun!