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Being Nose-y :)

Today Emily & I went to get our noses pierced. This was actually my third time getting my nose pierced - haha! Long story... but we went to the store to get it pierced (same guy who pierced mine the other two times) :) Emily decided to go first...
It's a little different to get your nose pierced here than in America. They don't have piercing guns... they just use the nose ring and some pliers :)I think I look silly... haha!
OK, and here's the final product (no, I'm not crying, it just makes my eye water :))
Afterwards we went to Costa Coffee for lunch :)... and we took another picture - this picture is really funny! haha! :)


merritt said…
I know the significance of getting your nose pierced, but I guess it doesn't matter which side? Just wondering. You are one brave girl for doing it a 3rd time! What a pain! Literally.
Jessica said…
That's the same guy who did mine! Man, I miss my nose ring. I really don't want to get mine redone here. It's too expensive. And using a gun kinda sounds worse than the way he does it.
That pic of Emily is probably the best ever of her.
You two look gorgeous! Not that it matters, but I totally would have gone with yall if I lived there!

...are they just hard to keep up with? Is that the reason for the re-piercing? Does he use the same hole?
what do Hazel and Aashini do during your outings? Do you two have "off days" where James and Adam take over and give you girls a day out? (just wanting to know how its done...I've yet to be away from Isaac)
SouthAsiaRocks said…
Merrit - Over here everyone gets their nose pierced on the left side... in America it's usually the right side...

Sharon - The first time my nose was pierced, I tried to change the nose ring in M-town and I couldn't get it back in and by the time I got back to the capital it had grown back - so I got the re-pierced... then the week I got put on bed rest (when preg) - my nosering fell out - and then grew back, so I waited until now to re-pierce it b/c they don't recommend getting piercings while preggers, AND since I was going to have to take it off when I had the baby, then I just figured I'd wait :)

Adam and I take turns having days off here and there. Today Emily and I had a girl's morning out :) The guys have bottles to feed the girls for when they get hungry while we're out ;)
E-Rob said…
Yea for girls mornings! That was fun. I wish he had told us his Bollywood secrets. :)

(that was a sweet comment, Sharon :)
five_solas said…
So... he just poked it in there? No "gun"? They used a piercing "GUN" for mine and it hurt like the dickens!!! (Keeping in mind that I cried on the first shot day...) I cried like a little girl! Wow. Mine hurt. But I'm glad I got it done. I love it! And I'm glad ya'll got yours done too! I've been trying to get Em to do it for a while!
Deanna said…
YOu guys look great!!! So, how much did it hurt?
Erin G said…
so, even though merritt is wordly and in-the-know, I actually DON'T know the significance of the nose piercing. I guess I could google it, but I'd rather here it from you - always more entertaining!

it looks really pretty and feminine and sparkly and fun! hope it didn't hurt too much!

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