Thursday, May 22, 2008


So, our neighbors are tearing down their house... In America if there is a house near you doing construction, then you might hear a little bit of hammering and sawing and things like that during the day.... As you can see, our houses are a lot closer together than most in America... our walls are connected! Do you see the white wall on the right in the picture below? That's our house :) haha! It's been funny to feel the vibrations (and the loud sounds) as they're using sledge hammers to destroy the existing house. You can't imagine how loud it is!!! Luckily it doesn't bother us... after about a day of it we were able to tune it out! haha!
On another deconstruction kind of note... remember our Mangoes ? The tree that hangs over our balcony was growing mangoes... Now, most of them are gone! Even before they ripened! The neighbors said that those mangoes won't ever get sweet enough, so they're only good as green mangoes (they use them for cooking like vegetables)... So how are they getting them down?? In the pic below you can sort-of see how they do it. They make these really long sticks and tie a hook at the end of it and yank them down! haha!

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Erin G said...

can aashini sleep through all that? I'd be going nuts with nathan.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

yeah, she can sleep through anything - thank goodness! It's sooo loud! :)

gloria said...

I love your news letter and I love these blogs. I just think Aashini's outfit is so adorable.
I think thats why your walls are wet, because of the demolition. I just hope you don't get mold.
Its so interesting about the bollywood stuff. I have a friend here Leticia and she's a flamenco dancer and shes in love with the whole bolloywood thing.
Very cool pix. it looks like you and your friends had a great time. lovegg

ed said...