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Funny Donuts....

Do you remember how I talked about the crazy DONUT flavors last month (if you don't remember, click on that link)... well, I decided that I had to try the Mamma Mia donut :) The info on the donut is: "A sprinkle of Italian herbs and sauteed garlic on oodles of cheese - just like how mama makes it" ... yeah.... I just had to try it :)And the verdict is...
Actually, not too bad :) It kinda tastes like eating a pizza with soft dough... It definitely doesn't satisify the sweet craving though... I had to get some ice cream afterwards :) haha! Nice and healthy :)


Anonymous said…
Awesome!!! I would have tried that one too, not the other ones though!! How was the ice cream??
Roberts said…
Yeah I thought that one sounded good. I love it that you got ice cream afterwards! :) Sounds like a meal I would eat.
Anonymous said…
Since it doesn't have the glazed sugar on it then I would prob try it as well :)
KSA said…
I think for it to really be called a doughnut there should be some sugar or sweet stuff... but it does sound pretty good.
Don't you just hate having to add calories to satisfy your palate. Bummer about the pizza doughnut. Hope the ice cream worked out.

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