Thursday, December 02, 2010

Retreat!! - Tiger Safari!

On the last morning of the retreat most everyone got up super early to go on a tiger safari! It was early and really cold!!! This picture is blurry, but I thought Diya looked really cute :)
We got in our jeeps and lined up at the entrance to the park. We had to sign up ahead of time and bring our passports to the gate for them to check - this was the family waiting next to us :) I love that the baby has on 3 hats!
Here we are all lined up!
.... and we're off! (another blurry photo - it was still really dark out!). We started off really close together so I was thinking we wouldn't get to see anything... but after a little bit we were all spread out :)
This is one of the roads we drove over :) There were rivers everywhere. They took us over a lot of the rivers because that is where tigers tend to hang out.
There were a few village houses in the park and there was a small area we stopped at to have chai and snacks. All of those areas were surrounded by electric fences! It was crazy!
After a break we were off again!
We saw a lot of Langurs! They were all over. Wherever there were langurs, there were deer on the ground underneath. They told us that the deer do this because the langur drop leaves that the deer like to eat AND because the langurs will warn them if they see a tiger (and they have a better view from up there).
It was beautiful out there! Tiger country! How cool!
We saw lots of signs of tigers, but no tigers. It was super cool. Here's one of the many tiger paw prints we saw!
Here is one of the deer we saw :)
Look at the sky!!!!!!! It was electric blue!!! The sky in the Capital this time of year is more of a white/gray so it was really cool to see such a blue sky!!
Happy First Birthday Diya!!!
Here are some tiger claw marks on a tree. They do this to mark their territory.
This isn't a great picture but here's a fun hawk we saw :)
Here's a langur in mid-jump!
Here's a deer running away from us :)
We got back mid morning and Adam, Joe & Sharad went out across the river to check things out. They saw all kinds of tiger paw prints and a deer that a tiger had torn apart probably just a couple of days ago. You can see Adam and Joe in the pic below (the yellow and blue shirts).
Here's Sharad with the deer's head (after he cleaned it up!). He was proud of it :)
It was an awesome day :)

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Erin G said...

so cool! I've always wanted to do that! Mark will love that HUGE tiger paw print! That's crazy, how much bigger they are than I normally picture.

Were you scared at all because of the recent tiger killings and such that'd been going on in the area? Did Aashini go? What did she think?

Emily said...

That's awesome! That sky is beautiful (and shocking!) and you got some awesome pics too. But...were you mad at Adam for going off without protection?? haha I am so overprotective (probably a good reason I don't have a son) that I KNOW I would've been mad at James if he pulled a stunt like that! :)